How To Clean Your Entire Home With Nothing But Water Using This Advanced Nano-Technology 

This Revolutionary Piece Of Fabric Replaces ALL Expensive Paper Towels And Toxic Chemical Cleaners To Save You Money & Your Health

" If it needs cleaning, NanoTowels can do it better than anything else. Simple dusting is done with just the dry towel, heavier jobs such as window washing only requires water. No need for chemical cleaners. Awesome product that I use daily. Well worth the cost which pays for itself in cleaning product savings."
*Results may not by typical nor expected for every person.
June Lane
A Verified Customer
 Your Paper Towel is Poisoning Our Environment… 
The paper towels that are sitting on the kitchen counter, in your washroom cabinet or even at your workplace may seem to be a normal necessity in your everyday life. But do you know that those very same paper towels you’re using regularly do a massive damage to you and to our environment? 
To make one ton of paper towels...
  • 17 trees have to be destroyed
  • ​20,000 gallons of water are polluted
  • ​Which is enough water to feed a community of 40,000 people!
 To Make Matter Worse, Decomposing of Paper Towels Produce Methane Gas, A Leading Cause Of Global Warming! 
According to the Stanford Magazine, an online publication released by the University of Stanford, paper towels contribute to methane emissions in two main ways. 

First, when paper towels are disposed of in landfills, they can break down and produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. 

Second, the production of paper towels requires energy, and the use of fossil fuels in the production process releases methane into the atmosphere. 
Methane is a major contributor to climate change, as it absorbs heat more effectively than carbon dioxide and can have a warming effect on the planet. 

In addition to its impact on the environment, methane can also have negative health effects when it is released into the air. It can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, and long-term exposure has been linked to certain health conditions such as headaches and nausea. 

But it gets even worse!
Every Household Uses Chemical Cleaner To Clean Their Homes Which May Damage Your Health And Your Body 
Have you ever looked at the label of your favorite cleaner?

If not, you should.

Every bottle of everyday household cleaning products has a poison symbol printed on their label.

This is because most household cleaning products contains toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc of one's health. In fact, these big corporations are not legally required to list the ingredients on their product. Why?
Quite Simply: These Chemicals Are Proven To Be Dangerous!
Many chemical cleaners contain harmful ingredients that can have negative effects on human health. These chemicals can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin, and can cause a range of symptoms from mild irritation to more serious health problems.

One of the main ingredients in our household cleaning products is a chemical called formaldehyde.

What's so bad about formaldehyde? 
  • The EPA reports that formaldehyde causes cancer in animals and may do so in humans.
  • ​Formaldehyde is the same chemical used to preserve dead bodies for dissection!
  • ​In addition to severe allergic reactions, this gas can also irritate your breathing and cause nausea.
And there's a problem with this chemical. It smells really bad.

To solve this problem, companies use other 'nice smelling' chemicals that cover up this toxic smell.

Whenever you see the word 'Fragrance' on the list of ingredients in a product, it looks quite innocent, however it's by far one of the most toxic chemicals in existence. They use it to cover up the smell.

Formaldehyde is just ONE of the many chemicals found in a bottle of household cleaning products.

In fact, there's an extensive list of different chemicals that are used in cleaning products, and the specific ingredients can vary depending on the type of product and its intended use. Some common chemicals found in cleaning products include:
  • Chlorine: A strong oxidizing agent that can be harmful if ingested or inhaled. It can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation, and allergic reactions.
  • ​Ammonia: A strong alkaline compound that can be irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. It can also release toxic fumes when mixed with certain other chemicals.
  • Phenols: A group of chemicals that are used as disinfectants and can be harmful if ingested or inhaled. They can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation.
  • ​Sodium hydroxide: A strong alkaline compound that can cause skin irritation and burns. It is often used in drain cleaners and oven cleaners.
  • Triclosan: An antimicrobial chemical that is used in some household cleaners and personal care products. It has been linked to hormonal disruptions and antibiotic resistance.
  • ​And Much More...
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"So, What You Can Do Right Now To Save Your Health, Your Money And Eliminate The Use Of Paper Towels & Toxic Chemical Cleaners?"
Over the past several years, we have been researching for a solution that can forever eliminate the use of paper towels and toxic cleaners, in order to protect our planet and the health of our families. 

However, we don't just want to find a typical replacement. 

We want to create an innovation that cleans better than virtually any cleaning products on the market. 

More importantly, it must be 100% reusable and harness the power of Mother Nature. Finally, we have innovated a state-of-the-art fabric that can clean virtually anything with WATER

It's even called "The Magical Towel"!
"I saw these towels in a Buzzfeed article, and I had to try them because they sounded too good to be true. I figured worst case scenario is that I try them and send them back because they don't live up to the claims. It's really unbelievable what these towels do. I have used them for about two weeks now and washed them several times - and YES, they literally clean like you would not believe - and with only water.  At first I thought the price was sort of high, but these things are worth every single penny!!!"
*Results may not by typical nor expected for every person.
A Verified Customer

Introducing The Revolutionary NanoTowels®

A “Magical” Towel Cleans With Only Water, Replaces Expensive Paper Towels and Toxic Cleaners, and Can Help You Save Hundreds Of Dollars Per Year While Saving Our Environment
  • Saves you money by ending your need of expensive paper towels.
  • Captures liquid, dust, dirt and grime like a magnet, and without toxic chemicals. 
  • Reduces your usage of paper towels that's damaging our environment.
  • Cleans virtually anything with just water.
  • Absorbs up to 10 ounces of liquid without a single drip.
  • Made with Nanolon Fiber, a unique and revolutionary fabric technology that is hundreds of times finer than one human hair
Cleans Virtually Anything With Just Water!
Our NanoTowels is a proven breakthrough technology that captures liquid, dust, dirt and grime like a magnet. 

You can use it to clean and dry virtually any surface without paper towels and without toxic chemicals. When it becomes dirty, you just wash it and use it again. 

This is NOT old, common microfiber cloth.

The Nanotowels is a new, next generation technology that's PROVEN in laboratory testing to clean as well or better than chemical cleaners and paper towels using only water.

Take a look at how powerful our NanoTowels is below:
Over 110,000 Happy Customers!
See What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say...
Judy L.
A Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These towels cut my cleaning time to less than half.

"I absolutely love these cleaning towels. I have microfiber cleaning cloths, but they don't even come close to the way these towels clean.. When I got them, of course, I had to try them. We have a lot of glass tops, large mirrors, sliding glass doors, and (ugh) a stainless steel refrigerator. Not matter what cleaner or cleaning towel I have used, I have never been able to get any of these streak free.

I wiped over the stainless frig, and in less than 5 minutes it was clean and looked like brand new. Then I tackled the sliding glass doors in the kitchen. I used a cleaner to get off the first layer of dirt and dried dog slime. The I used nothing but water to go over the door. WOW, clean and streak free. Then I ran to the extra large mirror in the bathroom. One wipe over it with water, and it was gleaming with no streaks. Then the large glass top on the coffee table that is a dust magnet - again clean and streak free with a couple of wipes.

A couple things that I noticed was that when I first went over glass with water using this towel, it looked wet and I expected water marks. Surprisingly, they dried with no marks or streaks at all. The other thing I noticed is that these things do not collect dust as they did before. Usually, I can totally clean, and the next day, I can see evidence of dust. This has not been the case with these towels. Considering that I have 8 parrots that have time out in the room with the glass top coffee table, I find this very amazing. These towels not only clean better, but things I clean are not dust magnets as they are with commercial cleaners."
Bryndon Preston
A Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These really work, and they are much better than the microfiber towels I have.

"I really love these towels. I have a big glass sliding door in my living room. I've tried all kinds of different way to clean them. I've used a window washing kit like the pros use. It works fine but I must change the water at least once to clean all the glass. I saw the ads for the Nano Towels, and thought, why not try it. I have a natural window cleaner from Shaklee (my friend gave it to me to try and it works well), but you must be able to do a dry wipe after you spray and wipe of the moisture. I've tried regular microfiber towels, but they just don't do a good job with glass.

I decided to give the nano towel a try. Bam! It worked So Well! I took all 4 towels out with me and thought I'd use one towel per side, per pane of glass. I didn't need to do that. Two towels did the whole sliding door on Both sides! The glass was caked with mud and dirt and the Nano Towel wiped it all away. No streaks, no residual smudges at all, just clean clear windows. My wife even noticed when she came home. Next is to try these on my Rubbermaid mop. I have always used warm water to mop my floors, but I usually use the pads that go with the mop. I like them because they can be washed and dried and used over and over again.

I'll update my review after I do the mop experiment and let you know how it goes. I'm optimistic based on what I saw from the glass cleaning adventure. It really was the easiest time I've ever had cleaning my windows."
Amanda P. 
Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy them. Seriously. They work.

"I totally admit that I bought these on a whim and was fully expecting them to be completely underwhelming. I got them Sunday and hadn’t opened them. Then my dad surprised me and said that he was staying with me for the weekend — insert panicked face. So I figured I would give these a shot. I truly wish I had taken before photos, because these things took off stains and dirt that I thought was just part of my appliances. Cabinets, windows, mirrors, sinks, wooden tables, countertops, you name it. Not to mention it didn’t leave my mirrors or windows streaky like everything else does. The fact that these can clean as well as they do without anything more than water is amazing to me, but there’s no doubt that they work. I even texted my sister and told her she has to buy them."
What To Do Now...
Now imagine NEVER having to pay for paper towels and toxic chemical cleaners again... Never having to put the health of you and your family at risk.

If you've read this far, you can be one of the few lucky people to join our massive movement today and to "cancel" paper towels and toxic chemical cleaners. End the madness, and start saving money and your health right now.

For us and our family, and countless others, the NanoTowels has been a game-changer.

It's not just about the money saved, most of all it's about the health benefits. You can sleep at night knowing your family is one step towards living in harmony with nature instead of chained to toxic death-dealing chemicals.

And all this for just $30 $19.95 - Yes, our NanoTowels costs less than $20! You get all the savings of eliminate expensive paper towels and toxic chemical cleaners while reaping in the health benefits, for less than the price of a good lunch for two at local restaurant. 
Iron-Clad 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
We stand by our product and guarantee its efficacy 100%. That’s why with your order today, we're confident to offer you our no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Try our NanoTowels for a full 60 days. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just send it back to us to get a quick and friendly refund. No fuss. No hard feelings. No questions asked.

On top of that, we're so confident about our NanoTowels that each NanoTowels come with an unprecedented 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty!

Paying It Forward With Trees For The Future

Water Liberty is in partnership with Trees For The Future. Ever since 2018, Water Liberty has planted over 182,300 trees in underprivileged communities. Together, we can make a difference!

Frequently Asked Questions
Your literature says that the NanoTowels® can help replace cleaning chemicals in the home. How does this work?
In most cases, you need to use two NanoTowels–one wet and one dry. For example, if you are cleaning glass and want to avoid using glass cleaner, just scrub the dirty glass with a damp NanoTowel, and then go over it with a dry NanoTowel for no streaks and crystal clear glass. The same goes for stainless steel, wood and just about everything else. They are particularly good for dusting. Use them for dusting, washing counter-tops, floors, bathrooms, glass, stainless steel, spills Also, they are great for washing a car because they are so soft, they will not scratch the clear-coat, and they absorb a huge amount of water. 
Won't the NanoTowels® get dirty after cleaning?
Of course they do! But unlike paper towels, you can wash them and use them over, and over and over again. You can just hand wash them in warm water throw them in the washing machine with your normal colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. These can destroy the unique cleaning characteristics of the NanoTowels. 
Do the NanoTowels® kill bacteria, etc. on the surfaces that I clean?
The NanoTowels can only disinfect to the extent that regular hot water and cleaning disinfects. Most household chemicals are not used to kill microorganisms, and neither are the NanoTowels. And chemicals that perform this function are extremely toxic and should never be used around food or people. The cleaning process itself washes away most bacteria, if you use hot water. A great all-natural solution: Numerous studies show that a straight 5 percent solution of white vinegar—such as you can buy in the supermarket—kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs (viruses). So all you need to do is keep a spray bottle on hand of diluted white vinegar, and use it on areas you want to disinfect. 
Can I use cleaning chemicals with the NanoTowels® if I want to?
Yes. You just have to remember that many household chemicals are toxic for the environment and health, so try to limit the amounts that you use and the frequency of use. With that said, you will be amazed at how many surfaces come totally clean using only the NanoTowels and water. Over time, you may find as many people have that you really do not need to use chemicals at all. Incidentally, a great alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals is simple white vinegar and baking soda. 
What about smell? Will the surfaces that I clean have a nice, perfumey scent with the NanoTowels®?
There is no scent added when using the NanoTowels. The truth is, clean surfaces smell like nothing. They don’t smell like perfume. And most people significantly overkill with these scents. They use all kinds of scents throughout the home, including in their cleaning chemicals. This is simply too much for human beings (especially children) and pets to handle. Breathing in toxic chemicals all day will only make you sick. Sometimes the body will rebel with rashes, respiratory issues or illness. You need to be aware that most household chemicals are very unhealthy for your skin and respiratory system, so the less you use, the better off you are. Some of those red eyes, rashes and runny noses are not because of allergies, but due to the perfume and petrochemicals left behind in your home after cleaning. 
How long will my NanoTowels® last?
Generally, your NanoTowels should last between two to three years, or 300-400 uses. They also come with a full 1-year warranty. 
What is the warranty and risk free trial all about?
Since the NanoTowels may be a new concept to you, we take all risk out of trying the product and comparing it to your favorite household cleaners and paper towels. And once you’ve tried the product and love it, we also guarantee the quality of the product with our 1-year warranty, and still give it to you at a very reasonable price. 
What sort of benefits can I expect with the NanoTowels®?
Many benefits. Most importantly if you or your family suffers from cleaning chemical related sensitivities like skin problems and/or respiratory issues, you owe it to your health to switch to our non-chemical alternative product. From a financial standpoint, you should be able to save hundreds of dollars a year on chemicals and paper towels. You will also save time cleaning, and will reduce your effort by avoiding lugging a dozen chemical bottles and a roll of paper towels around the house while you clean. It makes your home more “green” and also more child and pet friendly by reducing the amount of toxins in the home. It may have a massive impact on the environment by less chemical dumping and reducing our dependence on foreign petrochemicals (Yes, your cleaning chemicals, and the plastic bottles they come in, are petrochemicals derived from crude oil). 
Can the NanoTowels® be used in applications outside the home, like for commercial purposes?
Absolutely. The NanoTowels can be used in industrial applications, wherever cleaning is done. Hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, military, etc. ALL are great places to use the NanoTowels, and enjoy all of the cost savings and other benefits listed here. You can also use them to clean the inside and outside of vehicles like cars, trucks, boats, RVs, buses, etc. 
Q: I have heard of microfiber towels before. Is this the same thing?
The NanoTowels are NOT made from microfiber and have nothing at all to do with microfiber. Microfiber is a very common material that is adequate for some applications, but Nanolon® fiber is a new, state of the art, next generation fabric technology that will perform like nothing you have ever seen or used before. Nanolon® is manufactured using a unique, proprietary complex methodology and protocol, and you have never seen or heard about anything like it before. Its unique properties are what set it apart from anything that has come before it. If we were you use an analogy, microfiber would be comparable to a VHS videotape, and Nanolon® fiber would be comparable to a state-of-the-art 3D Blu-Ray disc. 
Act FAST - Get Rid Of Paper Towels & Toxic Chemical Cleaners Today!
Remember: Your order comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee! So, you can try our NanoTowels completely risk-free!
More Real Customer Reviews

Over 1,000's Of Amazing Reviews From Our Customers

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ You will truly be amazed at how clean the surface is

"k, it is a towel. I had low expectations. Perhaps I thought it would be magic and there would be no work involved too. If you follow the directions and use one slightly damp to clean then follow and buff with a dry one, you will truly be amazed at how clean the surface is. I was most impressed with the my shower doors. They are the bane of my existence because I have big windows in the bath which shows every droplet.

Those shower door were sparkling! I did not want to shower in there they were so clean! Alas, it only last a few hours. But these towels really do clean remarkably well with no chemicals. You will need to provide a lot of elbow grease, that is the only drawback. The buffing required is much more that with a cleaner. But like I said about my shower doors, they have never sparkled like that before."

~Deb D., Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love the Nano towels!

"I am a new user of the Nano towels and I have to say, that although I had heard good things about them, I was a little apprehensive about spending the money to try them. But I am so glad I did! I was looking for something that would clean my shower doors better than a squeegee. The Nano towel works wonderful! I can clean the doors to a clean, clear shine. The towel also takes all the water spots off the chrome too. I also clean my bathroom mirror and my eye glasses after my shower, and I have to say, my eye glasses are cleaner than using the little towelette that comes with the glasses. I also keep a Nano towel in my kitchen and clean my stainless steel appliances and stove top with it. It's a great product."

~Karen Brunsting, Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  These towels do a great job cleaning!!

"I have had the Nano towels for a couple of weeks now so I thought it would be good to review them. Well, I can honestly say they do a great job! We have a 65 inch plasma TV that I am always concerned about cleaning, but we have a large dog that loves to shake his head (and slobber) by the TV. I have used distilled water and either a micro fiber or chammy to clean it for years. I always end up going over it several times due to streaks or dull areas after cleaning. I used a damp Nano towel on it and went over it with a dry towel. I was able to get the TV clean and streak free by doing this one time.....without any major rubbing. I went on to clean several counters and a living room wall after that. The towels really do a good job...much better than some other "typical microfiber" towels that we have used in the past. I would definitely recommend trying this product. "

~J. Pelath., Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   Best Cleaning Towels Ever!

"I bought this pack of towels for a friend to try since I think these are the BEST cleaning towels in ever!! Better than sliced bread..LOL. I have used these on my windows and glass tables. I was so surprised to see how well they took off the wood stove soot from the glass without streaking or having to wipe them 4-5 times like I did with vinegar and paper towels. What a difference and so quick, wipe with wet towel and dry with another and DONE! I also noticed this cleaning seems to keep the glass surfaces cleaner for longer. I had an opportunity to test them on a big mess when I dropped our basket of eggs (we have chickens) and they all broke. It was a BIG mess that the nano towels cleaned up easily and they also rinsed out easily. Amazing! I also use them on all my counters, dusting lamps, etc.. basically for everything! Rinse and go. I recommend these to all my friends now and will buy more as gifts. "

~Spence, Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Believe the hype. These things are awesome!

"I am a cleaner. Wherever I see dirt, I want it gone. As quickly as possible. 5 or 6 years ago I found 10 "miracle cloths" (microfiber) at Sam's Club for $11.00 I think and I was in heaven. They were huge and they cleaned everything with water or with cleaning products. I once cleaned my sister's car inside and out with one. I gave them to friends as gifts and they loved them. Fast forward to this year when I saw an advertisement for the NanoTowels. Hmm, I thought, looks like my miracle cloths but maybe better? So I ordered them. They are more expensive than my old miracle cloths but they do indeed have even more of these microfibers and clean like a dream! I love them. I keep one at the office and can be found cleaning everything during my downtime. They think I'm nuts, but I love these towels!

Today I came home from work to find my roommate in her room on her hands and knees with a bunch of paper towels freaking out because something white, gummy and sticky had leaked from an old bag she pulled out of her closet all over the wood floor and she was trying to mop it up. She asked me if I had any Brillo pads because it wasn't coming up so well. I said "No, no, no! You don't want to use a Brillo pad on your wood floor! Let me get one of my NanoTowels and it'll come right up." She was skeptical but of course a damp NanoTowel got it all up!! She couldn't believe it! So now she's all "Where can I get some!?""

~LaRue, Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Simply Awesome Cleaning Cloths!

"I've had and loved these cloths for at least 10 years. They are so well made and designed, you can really wash outdoor windows with no cleaning agents at all. Just have one damp to wash and dry with a second one. They are SO MUCH better than normal microfiber I can't even explain. No one that has ever used them will use anything else. And they wash up like new. My old ones are great, but now I have a few spare packs so I don't have to worry if one or two "accidentally" go home with someone. Never dreamed that would happen, but it has...🤩 "

~Norene Parker, Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Don't think twice, these are AMAZING!

"Ok, I don't normally write reviews but for this, I can't help it! I recently switched my cleaning products from strong stuff like Lysol, Clorox etc. to more natural products (Method, Puracy etc.). I didn't think they would clean as well as the stronger chemicals but I was wrong surprisingly happy with these new products. Then I find these NanoTowels and after reading about them (and reading a ton of reviews) I decided to try them but I was extremely skeptical. I thought these were going to be basically microfiber towels which I have plenty of already and I didn't have much faith that they could clean the way they claim with just water. I was SO wrong! These things are AMAZING!!! They were literally delivered just a few hours ago and I have spent the past two hours running around my house like a crazy woman cleaning everything. I can find! I got one wet and one dry and cleaned all the stainless steel in my kitchen, my wooden cabinets, granite countertops, kitchen sink, doors, walls. . . I have 4 kids (2 toddlers) so needless to say there are plenty of things in my house that need cleaning and plenty of finger prints all over the place. These towels worked so much better than I could have ever expected and I'm amazed that I can use them on so many different surfaces! This saves so much time not having to carry around a bunch of different cleaners for everything you wanna clean. No cleaning products, no paper towels and my house is cleaner than its been in a long time and it took a fraction of the time it would normally take to do it! I really came online just to order another pack but I thought I should stop for a minute and help anyone else that is considering buying these. . . Don't think twice, your only regret will be that you didn't find them sooner!"

~Mama D., Verified Customer
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